Who are we?

Who are we? We are your basic Mom and Pop shop building quality battery packs on nights and weekends.  We have been building battery packs locally for eight years and have over 10,000 rebuilds under our belt.  We have a warranty rate of 1.8% and most of those are warrantied for broken tabs and burnt out heat sensors.

Battery Pack Usage

Our battery packs are intended for any one who wants a battery pack equivalent to OEM for a lower price or any one who wants a battery pack with 40%-80% more run time than OEM for the same price as a new one.  We will be honest with you, sometimes it DOES make sense to go to a local retailer and purchase a whole new kit with drill, batteries, and charger.


You will get the most benefit out of our top tier rebuilds.  We use high quality nickel-metal cells that in most cases will give you significantly more run-time between recharges than lithium.